The Eynsham Society

The Eynsham Society is an amenity group for the village of Eynsham, near Oxford, England.

Eynsham is an ancient settlement and is mentioned in the annal for the year 571 AD in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle:

In this year Cutha fought against the Britons at Biedcanford and captured four villages, Limbury, Aylesbury, Benson, and Eynsham; and in the same year he passed away.

The Eynsham Society was founded in 1972, partly in response to the threat of a huge over-expansion of the village. It is affiliated to the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE).

The Society deals with all kinds of amenity questions affecting the welfare of the village: new developments and roads, preservation of old buildings, traffic problems, trees, footpaths and any other aspect of the protection and improvement of the village.

The planning application is now in for the OCC Bus Lane and Park & Ride project.  The deadline for comments and objections is noon on Monday 15th July.  See the A40 page for details.


Aerial view of Eynsham



This is an aerial view of Eynsham from the north-west.
The road on the left of the picture is the A40 to Oxford.
Farmoor reservoir can be seen at the top of the picture.




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